Robin Uleman

My specialisation is in editorial and book design. For me design
is the outcome of an interactive process. Every project starts with
asking questions. Questions that help to define the rough outline
of a project. Therefore I’m usually part of the editorial team.
My ambition is to develop a tailor-made visual language that
expresses the content in the most meaningful way. The quality
of the production is an essential part of that expression.

As an independent designer I work and have worked with: Premsela,
Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion (responsible for their visual
communication between 2006—2012), SKOR (Foundation Art and
Public Space), Museum Jan Cunen, NAi, Hans van Heeswijk architecten,
PostNL (stamps Dutch Olympic sports), Ahrend, Museum Jan Cunen,
The Beach, Delta Lloyd Group, They, Kesselskramer, Colour & Books,
Meulenhoff, BIS Publishers, Frame Publishers, Veenman Publishers,
NDCC Publishers, Post Editions, Satyendra Pakhalé, Joep Luycx,
Willem Popelier and Henk Wildschut.

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